Building Your Creative Business: A Defining Innovation Panel

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

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Whether it be a fleeting idea or a life-long passion, everyone has some form of a creative bone in their body. Innovation comes in a variety of forms, and what might seem like an obvious or superficial concept to you could very well alter an industry or positively impact the lives of others. When is it time to take your dream into reality, though, and how do you do it?

As a kick-off to this year’s Tools of the Trades Conference, led by CraftNow and NextFab, this program will offer a place for creatives, startup leaders, and corporate innovators to connect and generate new ideas. We’ll discuss what creativity and innovation mean and how they can be measured and evaluated in the market. Learn from industry leaders when it’s time to scale your idea and gain insight into the mistakes and lessons they’ve learned from their ventures at every stage of their evolution.

Speakers to Date:
Sharif Pendleton, Senior Multimedia Developer, Capital One & Founder, LaserPhilly

Monica O. Montgomery
, Director of Community Engagement & Programs, Historic Germantown & Co-Founder, Museum Hue

Roger Lee,
Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Penn State Brandywine & Owner,  Roger Lee Arts, LLC

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