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Member Memos

Allison Bassman, member of YPC's Advisory Board and Events Committee, explains how defined career pathways for young professionals can be a powerful talent retention tool.

Ginny Susini, member of YPC'S Advisory Board, discusses the lessons she's learned during her involvement with YPC.

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5 Ways To Practice Self-Care At Work
Refocus your energy for long-term success by incorporating these habits into your routine.

Trend Predictions for 2019 in the Workplace
Discover the seven trends likely to shape your office culture over the course of 2019.

3 Ways to Get Work Done Without Delegating
Try these techniques to boost productivity when you don't have enough resources.


JAN 31 - Join Mayor Kenney as he addresses important issues impacting the city of Philadelphia and his top priorities for the new year. $15 off for YPC members »

FEB 5 - Join us for an interactive discussion featuring local experts who will discuss the ways regional institutions are actively uniting against the city's opioid crisis. $10 off for YPC members »

FEB 6 - Spend a full day on Capitol Hill for exclusive briefings from key members of the U.S. House, Senate, and Administration. $50 off for YPC members »

FEB 7 - Join YPC members for a night of networking at Destination Dogs. Free for YPC members »

FEB 11 - Hear a candid & engaging conversation with Pennsylvania's Governor, The Honorable Tom Wolf. $10 off for YPC members »

FEB 12 - Get the scoop on the benefits that come with your YPC membership. Free for current and potential YPC members »

FEB 27 - Engage in an interactive discussion with David Lipson, Owner, President, and Publisher of Philadelphia Magazine. Free for YPC members »

New to the Crew

A warm welcome to our new YPC members for the month of January.

Jasper Anderson, Turner Construction Company; Britt Booth, Health Union, LLC; Whitni Caruso, Health Union, LLC; Nicole Enderica, Vision for Equality, Inc.; James Fitzpatrick, Elliott Greenleaf & Siedzikowski; Kate Flint, Turner Construction Company; Daniel Foley, Health Union, LLC; Matthew Goldstein, Wesibrod Mattels & Copley LLC; Steve Maley, Lunova Group; Alexander Papalian, Ramboll Environ; Dan Rose, The Alias Group; Rebecca Schuchart, Fitler Club; John Schultz, AmeriGas; Daniel Skawski, US Army Corps of Engineers; Alex Smith, Bank of America; Bridget Stearns, World Cafe Live; Matthew Stevens, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR); Denise Tankle, Turner Construction Company; Kaitrin VanArsdale, Health Union, LLC

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