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AlignAbility Coaching

112 S. 19th Street
Apt. 1205
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Main Contact: Mrs. Alyson Schwartz

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I work with executives, managers, and growth-minded professionals looking to lead themselves and their teams with confidence. I help these clients create a greater ability to lead from an authentic place of inspiration, influence, and personal mastery. My Focus Areas: - Leadership development - Competency development - Mobilizing untapped potential - Interpersonal attitudes, behaviors, and people skills - High-level career planning - Work-life balance I help my clients: - Develop greater self-awareness through honest, candid, and constructive feedback - Overcome roadblocks and limiting beliefs - Build self-awareness to effect observable change - Release unhelpful habits and behaviors - Learn intentional decision-making and execution - Create accountability to propel them forward I have over 25 years of experience in leadership development, mentorship, project management, strategic planning and marketing. The majority of my career was spent with the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, helping business leaders and their companies position and market themselves to create a more positive impact within their business, industry, and community. I also have a background in producing events that focus on leadership development and marketplace trends. My coaching training was with the Co-Active Training Institute, one of the leading coaching training providers in the world.

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  • Established in 2020
  • Women Owned Business
  • Member Since 2022

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